Boy Underwater

Every now and again you read a book that is just really special … it was spectacular.

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Cymbeline (yes, really!) has never been swimming – not ever, not once – so he’s a bit nervous at the prospect of his first school swimming lesson ever. But how hard could it be? He’s Googled front crawl and he’s found his dad’s old pair of trunks. He’s totally ready for this.

But he’s not ready for an accident at the pool to reveal a family mystery that turns his life completely upside down. Only Cym and his friends can solve it because, as usual, the grown-ups aren’t telling them anything.

For the answers you really need, sometimes you have to go deep…

Boy Underwater is as emotionally touching as it is deeply funny. It tells the story of a boy, Cymbeline, whose life is completely turned upside down when an accident during his first school swimming lesson, in fact his first swimming lesson ever, triggers a chain of events that lead to a family mystery that only he and his friends can solve.


Mystery with action and funny moments

This is a great book with some shocking surprises in it.  I liked it because it is a mystery with action and funny moments.

Evie, Sussex

Laugh and cry

Boy Underwater makes you laugh and cry at the same time.  It's a heart-warming story about finding family and a place called home.

Carys, Surrey

How stressful life can be

I really liked this book but it make me realise how stressful life can be for some families.

James, Sussex

Something extra in the water

The front cover is really interesting and every time I looked at it, I noticed something extra in the water.

Neve, Kent

A big mystery

Boy Underwater is based on a boy and a big mystery he wants to solve.

Lexie, Sussex

Laugh and cry

I loved that it makes the reader laugh and cry.

Sahra, London

Love and loss

This is an intriguing book which is all about love and loss.

Imogen, Sussex

For fans of mystery stories

I recommend this book to all readers and fans of mystery stories.

Mia, Sussex

About The Author

Adam Baron

Adam Baron is the bestselling author of Boy Underwater and You Won’t Believe This (as well as five novels for adults). His books have won several awards and been translated into seven languages. He teaches Creative Writing at Kingston University and lives in London with his wife and three children.