Kate Wilkinson


Kate started out as a children’s writer for BBC Radio creating audio stories for pre-school listeners that involved a lot of animals (and animal noises). She then became a radio producer for many years, recording everything from boiling spaghetti to a poet in a broom cupboard, and working primarily on arts programmes, literary features and readings such as Radio 4’s Book at Bedtime and Book of the Week.

She completed the MA in Writing for Young People at Bath Spa University in 2018. Kate has two teenage boys and lives in North London with her partner who is a news journalist.

Shortlisted Books by Kate Wilkinson

Edie and the Box of Flits

A modern classic set against the backdrop of the London Underground, this is a timeless story of friendship, family and noticing the little things in life.

When eleven-year-old Edie Winter finds a mysterious box on the London Underground, she goes straight to take it to her father, an employee of the London Underground Lost Property Office. But on her way, Edie is amazed to discover that the box is home to a family of Flits - tiny winged people. And these Flits - Impy, Speckle and Nid - need Edie's help. Not only do they need supplies (rice crispies, sugar sprinkles, digestive biscuits and raisins) and someone to look after them, but their brother Jot has run away and they need Edie's help to find him.

With delightful black-and-white illustrations by animator, cartoonist and illustrator Joe Berger.

This book was shortlisted in: 2023

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