Lesley Parr


Lesley Parr grew up in South Wales and now lives in England with her husband and their rescue cat, Angharad. She shares her time between writing stories, teaching at a primary school and tutoring adults. Apart from books, rugby union is her favourite thing in the world, especially if Wales is winning. Lesley graduated with distinction from Bath Spa University’s MA in Writing for Young People. The Valley of Lost Secrets is her first novel.

Shortlisted Books by Lesley Parr

The Valley of Lost Secrets

What a wonderful book. A brilliant debut - warm and tender, simple in the best way, historical fiction with a light touch"

Ross Montgomery, author of The Midnight Guardians

September 1939.

When Jimmy is evacuated to a small village in Wales, it couldn't be more different from London. Green, quiet and full of strangers, he instantly feels out of place. But then he finds a skull hidden in a tree, and suddenly the valley is more frightening than the war.

This book was shortlisted in: 2022

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