Radio Boy

A Brilliant and laugh-out-loud story of an ordinary boy with an extraordinary secret radio show (broadcast from his shed)

When Spike gets fired from hospital radio, he decides to launch his own show from a makeshift studio in his dad’s shed, under the secret identity of Radio Boy.

Spike quickly becomes an underground hit. But will he handle his newfound fame well? Is calling a homework strike a good idea? will he impress Katherine Hamilton, the girl he wants to marry? Can he keep his identity a secret? the answers to these questions are inside this book. (SPOILER ALERT: mostly the answers are ‘no’).


“Sensei Terry was about to attack!”

Radio Boy is a real page turner with an engaging plot.  It tells the story of a boy who longs to be a DJ.  Spike is an inspiring character who, despite lacking potential and talent, perseveres.  I delighted in reading this book because it is really funny and the author has been really clever.  I would highly recommend this book because it makes you laugh out loud.  It would appeal to those who love getting engrossed in a great book.

Annabel, West Sussex

It made me feel like I could do anything

Spike Hughes is an aspiring DJ whose dreams, unfortunately, get crushed.  He decides to set up an internet radio station, but will it all go to plan?

The author used cliff hangers at the end of the chapters to make you want to read on.  There were lots of different emotions in the book: happy, sad, worry.  This book made me feel like I could do anything, even though I am only a child.  I feel I can make the world better, just like Spike made this school happier.

Lily, West Sussex

Listen to your friends and follow their advice

The plot of this story is when Spike and his two friends set up a radio station.  I like this book because it really makes you keen reading.  My favourite part was when the pupils went on strike and ignored the teachers - it was really funny.  In fact, almost everything about the book was funny.  I learnt that you should always listen to your friends and follow their advice.

Eila, Surrey

He follows his dreams

This is a story about when Spike gets fired from hospital radio and decides to create his own radio station in his Dad's shed under a secret identity.  This book is really fun to read because Spike keeps following his dreams even when he gets into big trouble.

Amelie, Surrey

Who would think of a radio station in a shed? 

I thought Radio Boy was great!  I mean, who would ever thought of a radio station in an old shed?  When Christian described the shed, I felt very jealous and really wanted to have all that equipment (it sounded really cool!).  I loved how he thought of having to include "fish face" (the Headmaster) in the children's history homework.  The illustrations were very good too.  I loved this book and would really recommend it.

Belle, Surrey

Adventurous and funny

I loved the part in Radio Boy when they started to make their own radio channel.  I found the book very adventurous and funny.  I laughed aloud when the fire alarm went off!

Jack, Surrey

I plan to read it again

Radio Boy was a very good book.  It was very sad that he got fired from his radio show but I liked that he put three stink bombs there. It was funny that the bike was neon pink and that he had to ride it to Artie’s house.

This book was the best and, as I have the book, I plan to read it again.  I will miss reading Radio Boy.

Kiki, Kent

I didn’t want to stop reading

The book is about a boy called Spike who has a dream to become a radio DJ and him and his friends Artie and Holly and Spike’s dad help him to pursue his dream by running a secret shed radio show without Spike’s overprotective mum knowing.

My favourite part is when Spike gets his secret radio show running and it’s going smoothly.
I liked this book because it was really funny and interesting. Whenever I read it, I didn’t want to stop reading.

Emilia, Kent

About a boy who fulfils a dream

Radio Boy is the best book I’ve read in my life because it’s such an exciting book and it’s about a boy my age who has a dream and fulfils it.

When I read the book it made me feel happy because when I read the first chapter it dragged me to read it because it was exciting and I read the book until the moment I went to bed.  Because I enjoyed the book so much, I found out that there is a new Radio Boy book and I bought it straight away. I can’t wait to read it.


William, Surrey

Everyone has a power

When Spike Hughes gets fired from his radio job and doesn't get chosen for his school radio, he decides to make a secret radio station of his own.  With the help of his two best friends, Artie and Holly, he sets one up and becomes Radio Boy.  I liked the character of Spike because he was confident and he made me feel confident too.  I learned from this book that everyone has a super power, and this power can take away fear and doubt.  I liked this book because it funny and easy to read.

Alexandra, Surrey

Hilarious and fabulous

Radio Boy is a hilarious novel about an ordinary boy called Spike with a big dream to become a famous radio DJ.  Personally, I thought Radio Boy was a very good book.  The story line was creative and the characters really made it come alive.  My favourite was probably Sensei Terry due to his quirky personality, strange combination of jobs and the fact that he popped up when you least expected him to!

I highly recommend the book to anyone, especially children between the ages of 8-11.  I am very much looking forward to reading the sequel, Radio Boy and the Revenge of the Grandad.

Teddy, Surrey

I couldn’t put it down

Spike’s radio station is a success until he gets a bit silly and makes jokes about his Headmaster and his son, Martin. Luckily, Mr Harris does not know that Spike runs the radio station, because he works under the identity of “Radio Boy.” Mr Harris announces that whoever tells him the identity of the Radio DJ will get a week off homework. Will any of the pupils tell on Spike? I really recommend this book to people who like a laugh and a brilliant book. I couldn’t put it down, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Thomas, Sussex