The Goldfish Boy

A great case of characters and an intriguing mystery – I loved it!

Matthew likes sparkling clean surfaces, staying safe in his bedroom and making notes about his neighbours. He hates germs, going outside and feeling like a disappointment to his mum and dad.

When a toddler staying next door goes missing, Matthew finds himself at the centre of the mystery. Everyone of his neighbours is a suspect – and Matthew is the key to working out what happened, even as his own secrets begin to unravel.

At story about finding friendship when you’re lonely – and hope when all you feel is fear.

A genuinely clever mystery

Robin Stevens, author of Murder Most Unladylike


“I noticed a lot of things from the window”

The Goldfish Boy is an engaging story about an interesting young boy called Matthew.  He has OCD and he aims to solve the case of Teddy, a missing boy.  For Matthew, this is a garguantuan struggle, as he never normally dares to leave the security of his own home.  I would recommend it to anyone who likes fiction and mysterious events.

Annabel, West Sussex

It opened my eyes

This was my favourite book because I found it interesting as it was about a real issue facing many people today.  The story line was about someone who suffered with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and it opened my eyes to how people cope with every day things.  Also, if you are a fan of mystery stories, then this book will appeal to you.

Connie, West Sussex

Friends will always try to help you

When young toddler Teddy goes missing, it's up to Matthew to overcome his fear of germs and to go outside to solve the mystery once and for all.  I loved this book as you see different characters who try to persevere with their own goals.  I learnt that your friends will always try to help you with your fears - in books and in real life.

Ella, Surrey

Sadness, suspense, humour and joy

The Goldfish Boy is a truly amazing book!  There is a great balance of sadness, suspense, humour and joy.  When Teddy goes missing, Liz Thompson drops in little clues that make you suspect one person and then she drops in different clues, making you suspect another.  There's also some really moving moments which make you empathise with the characters.

Olivia, Surrey

A lot of funny bits

When a toddler named Teddy disappears from next door, Matthew is at the centre of the mystery.  I really liked this book and my favourite part was when Matthew and Melody were emailing eachother about the mystery, who the suspects were and what the could do to find out who kidnapped Teddy.  There were a few scary bits but a lot of funny bits.

Beatrice, Surrey

Red herrings

When a toddler from next door goes missing, Matthew is determined to solve the mystery.  But, is he investigating the right people or is he missing someone?  In my opinion, this book is excellent.  Matthew's personality is useful in the story and I like what he learnt at the end.  I recommend this book because it has some red herrings and creates lots of tension.

Maria, Surrey

The story really gripped me

Goldfish Boy is set in modern times and is about a boy, Matthew, who has a fear  of germs and illnesses.  He cleans obsessively and refuses to go outside his sterile bedroom. I was interested to find out more about Matthew and his family.  As soon as Teddy disappeared, the story really gripped me.

Anya, West Sussex

Funny, mysterious, sad

I really enjoyed reading this book because it is funny, mysterious, sad and a bit scary at times.  Matthew is the main character and he has OCD.  He would clean his room every day and wash his hands about 20 times every hour.  My favourite part was when Matthew described the box under his bed because I could really see it in my mind.

I would recommend this book to anyone over 9 because it's a mystery story and you can really empathise with the characters.

Elizabeth, Surrey

A must read

Matthew Corbin is a 12-year-old boy with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. He is extremely observant and when Teddy Dawson from next door goes missing he and his friends Jake and Melody solve the mystery despite all the difficulties on the way.  Even with Melody and Jake’s help can he manage to save innocent Teddy Dawson?

I liked the book very much.  My favourite part is the barbecue at the very end because Matthew’s problems started to be resolved.  I would recommend this excellent book to all readers – a must read for any age.

Camilla, Surrey

You learn what others are going through

Matthew is a boy who hates germs and likes sitting inside his house making notes about his neighbours.  When a toddler goes missing, he feels it's his job to find him.  I liked this book because its fascinating to learn what other people are going through.  I learnt that there are lots of people struggling with anxiety.

I recommend this book because it's a clever, mystery novel with humour and a cliff-hanger.

Phoebe, Surrey

You can’t stop reading

I think this book was very good because I really liked the characters, especially Melody because I think she is quite mysterious.

I found this book both funny and sad.  Some bits were funny, like when Casey and Teddy said, "Look, it's the Goldfish Boy!"  I also found it quite sad when Matthew had to visit the Doctor's and had to tell them what was going on in his life.  I felt bad for Callum because he was afraid of germs.

I thought is was a really good book and really wanted to continue it, as it's one of those books you can't stop reading!

Amber, Surrey

Matthew has secrets

Matthew is obsessed with germs and how they are going to spread.  He wears plastic gloves.  I think he is called Goldfish Boy because he lives in his own world but looks out at others.    When Teddy goes missing, the real journey begins.  Matthew has been watching all of the neighbours' moves and has it all down in his notebook.  Can he help to solve the mystery?

This is a great book and I can't wait to read it another time.

Dulce, London

Who did the terrible crime?

Matthew is petrified of germs, going outside and touching anything that hasn’t been smothered in anti-baterial spray. He spends his days cleaning his bedroom, washing and making note of what his boring neighbours do. However, when a child disappears, Matthew is a key witness and must solve the mystery. Everyone is going crazy looking for the child, sending out search parties and speaking to the police, but the criminal is right under their noses. I think this book is very cleverly written, to intrigue the reader the whole way through. I love how every chapter ended the same way and I really wanted to find out who did the terrible crime. The story had lots of suspense, but my favourite part was how Matthew started to connect with his parents and with his disease.

Jemima, Surrey