The Starman and Me

A proper adventure story for all curious middle graders… heartily recommended.

The Bookbag

He wasn’t an alien, I was sure of that. It was more like he’d walked in through an ancient door from the past … except he was here, in my bedroom and his misty forest was somewhere real on Planet Earth.

Twelve-year-old Kofi first spots the prehistoric human on a supermarket roundabout. He is small and dark and curled into a tight ball. His name is Rorty Thrutch and he has zero memory of how he ended up in the unexceptional village of Bradborough, or why he’s being hunted…

Kofi soon finds out that Rorty can do amazing things. He can copy, paste and delete objects, using only the power of his mind. This is the discovery of the century and mad, greedy scientists will stop at nothing to track him down.


We might not be the only species of human

I liked how the book made me have a feeling that we, the homo sapiens might not be the only species of human!

Emmelien, Kent

A brilliant adventure story

It was a brilliant adventure story with battles and bringing an ancient person home.

Ava, Kent

Loads of imagination

This book has loads of action and loads of imagination.  I loved it.

Rebecca, Berkshire

Edge of my seat

This book kept me at the edge of my seat the whole way through.

Steven, West Sussex

Excitement and fun

I loved this book which was full of excitement and fun.

Rebecca, Kent


I found this book really uplifting and it made me feel good about myself.

Poppy, Berkshire

Making sense of the world

This book helped me to understand different situations and start to make sense of the world.

Oliver, Berkshire


This captivating story had me hooked from the beginning.

Sarah, Berkshire

Anything can happen

You are really drawn into this imaginary world where anything can happen.

Sophia-Maria, Surrey

Science Fiction

This is an excellent book for those who like Science Fiction.

Daisy, Surrey

Roller coaster ride

I recommend this book because it was a roller coaster ride; a thrill of a book.

Remily, Surrey

A heart-touching story

It’s a really heart-touching story with elements of comedy, happiness and sadness. This book is great, I’m definitely going to read it again.

Caitlin, Kent

More to someone than meets the eye

I learned that there is always a bit more to someone than meets the eye - don't judge until you know the whole story.

Camilla, Surrey

So many cliffhangers

This book was so exciting and there were so many cliffhangers, I could hardly put it down!

Michaela, Surrey


I have never read a book like this before - it's unique!

Marie, Surrey


When a boy finds a mysterious man from the past on a roundabout, he takes him home.

Lucy, Surrey

A heartwarming story

A story about a once in a lifetime relationship between a boy and an unknown species. A very special book.

Chloe, Surrey

About The Author

Sharon Cohen

Sharon Cohen was born in Lancashire but spent most of her early childhood in West Yorkshire. After graduating with a first-class science degree and a doctorate, Sharon worked as a scientific writer. Her passion for children’s fiction emerged following the birth of her first son and she completed the Open University Children’s Literature course in 2011 gaining a distinction. She loves to explore themes of ‘ancient’ and ‘cutting edge’ and intertwines these elements in her stories. Published in August 2017, her debut novel ‘The Starman and Me’ was shortlisted for the Essex Schools Book Awards 2018 and also Highly Commended for the Branford Boase Award, 2018. She has three children and lives with her husband, an ex-international athlete.